5 Unforgettable Tips to Achieve Vaginal Orgasm

There is a lot of confusion around vaginal orgasm. First of all, rather than vaginal orgasm, it should be referred to as the female orgasm. It is a fact that only one fifth, or even lesser, women manage to orgasm through vaginal stimulation. This is a clear indication of the fact that most of the women fail to have the proper stimulation. In this context, provided below are some of the handy tips on how to have the perfect vaginal orgasm.

#1. Do some foreplay before the real act

Good foreplay can be helpful on this matter. Most people do not realize, but it is effective. Specifically, it matters a lot for women. This is because the women normally take comparatively longer hours to attain the peak of arousal for having an orgasm. Foreplay is not just about physical; it has emotional relevance as well. It brings both the body, as well as the emotion into action for having sex.

The acts like kissing, touching, hugs, etc., tempts the women, and thus lubrication occurs within the vagina of women. Proper lubrication is important for smooth intercourse and thus effective vaginal orgasm. There is no strict rule or textbook method available for foreplay; it is a matter of comfort and accomplishment.    

#2. Clitoral Stimulation for greater vaginal orgasm

The clitoris is one of the favourite body parts of women. It is indeed the most sensitive among all parts of the women’s body. Its stimulation is obvious to bring temptation in the body. Clitoral stimulation is considered as one of the simplest and quickest ways of attaining vaginal orgasm. One may use anything, be it about the Sex toys or fingers. However, the level of pressure or intensity of the stroke is dependent upon the concerned woman. Moreover, the concerned woman should let her partner understand this level. 

#3. Make the pelvic floor muscles toned and strengthened

Though kegel is nothing a new term, most people do not make the most of it. It can be effective for having better sex. Vaginal orgasm can be achieved upon boosting the strength of the pelvic muscle. And, kegel exercises thoroughly strengthen the pelvic muscles. Through the process of strengthening, these exercises also tone down these muscles.

It naturally thus boosts the arousal level. During intercourse, it makes the grip tighter. Contraction through the course of orgasm gets more intense as well, due to the greater flow of blood to the reproductive organs. With better blood flow to the vagina, sex life is experienced better.

#4. Approach with the correct vaginal position

It is the best position that matters for the perfect vaginal orgasm. And, the best position is something that ensures the utmost level of stimulation at the clitoris. Again, it has no textbook recommendation; it entirely depends upon the choice of the practitioner. However, the doggy pose is considered the favourite of many. Here the pressure of best level is applied on the clitoris, and thus the perfect vaginal orgasm is achieved. Plenty of sex positions can be helpful for better stimulation that you need to consider.

It is recommended that one should try and figure out the best position to offer the best stimulation. Along with the comfort, the factors like depth and penetration level should also be analyzed. The simplest of all position is considered the sitting position. It can work for couples irrespective of their fitness level.

#5. Make use of the lubes

Vaginal orgasm is hugely dependent upon the smoothness of the sensations. In this context, lubricants or lubes can be useful. It provides the naturalistic appeal to the sensation. It is rather a necessity for comfortable intercourse and an effective vaginal orgasm. Yes, indeed, lubrication can’t always be used during the occasions of menopause or similar instances.

It is rather advised to avoid sex during such occasions. In every other occasion, usage of Prostate massager is highly recommended. It should be used safely and correctly. Irrespective of the kind of lube someone uses, first it should be applied or taken on the fingertip and then should be applied on the desired spot. 

Additional tips

Know the wishes

Positions of sex are indeed important, but it is indeed not everything. A good position may ensure good penetration, but there should be a genuine interest in it. After all, for humans, it is the mood that comes first. It is thus advised that one should communicate with the partner up front.

Moreover, it is important to understand the preferences of each other. The fantasies should also be shared. All these increase the chances of orgasm to a great extent. Specifically, the women should express their wishes as they, after all, remain at the receiving end.

Without discussing the things, it certainly gets annoying to bear with a pose or mode that you are not interested in.

# Proceed with proper rhythm

Sex or lovemaking is a rhythmic process. It matters for the women the most. In general, sex for men is a pretty casual thing; everyone knows that even a porn movie can make them feel satisfied with the moment. However, it is a different aspect that utmost satisfaction can be achieved only through real sex.

Anyway, sex in case of women is not just random fun affair; until it reaches their emotional level, they don’t feel fully satisfied. Vaginal orgasm is also quite dependent upon the same thing. Hence, it is important to attain the proper rhythm while being with the partner. It is thus important for a woman to spend enough time with her man, and allow her to get the temptation in a natural way only (instead of the porn or any such videos)    

Finally, sex is also called as love making. Hence, it should be done when the body and mind wants love. Sex should not be used as a way to avoid the problems of life. Rather, it can be a celebration option, especially of love and intimacy between the couples. Once it is done with the right emotion and mood, every secretion is done right.

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