5 UNUSUAL Sex Positions That FILL Her up

Different sex positions play a significant role in making any sex date memorable. The rougher you can be, more is the fun. Couples try out different styles to challenge their body flexibility and new ways of experimenting love. Some of the common sex positions are missionary and doggy style. Now, these styles are way past extinction. Now, it’s time to explore new intimate positions that can make you and your girl-crazy in bed. Here are some of the sex styles that are capable of driving you to orgasm in the most fantastic way possible.

#1. X Position

As the name suggests, the positions demand your body to form an X during intercourse. You just need to ask your lady to lie down on the bed, and you can sit in front, facing towards her. Both of you can cross your legs around each other to form the X shape. It is possibly one of the most innovative positions to spice up the moment.

It feels rich, soulful, and wild at the same time. It is the only X that you would madly crave for. This position is also known as the ‘crisscross’ position. The position demands you to be intimate and slow instead of thrusting yourself in. Fast thrusts can make your lady love uncomfortable and ruin the moment.

Take it slow, and you will earn an appreciation for you after you fill her up. You can increase the speed gradually and seek help from your partner to hold your hands while you thrust in deeper. Make her moan like never before with this new and unusual sex position.

#2. Butter Churner

This position is a little complicated to perform but is equally rewarding. It demands way more flexibility of both your bodies and an intimate bond to try it for sure. Make your lady love lie down on her back with her legs raised in the air. Fold her legs in a way that both the ankles are on either side of her head.

Your role is to squat down and hold her tight form her legs and push yourself into her. As stated above, this position demands excellent flexibility, so her neck is most likely going to get a cramp after this but for a fantastic orgasm that much pain is worth it. It is a very unusual position that allows you to penetrate deeper and deeper without much effort.

It builds the sensation and your partner moans for more. Thrust easy as your partner is lying down on her neck so heavy initial thrusts might make her uncomfortable. Avoid putting force on her upper body for supporting yours and take the pain of squatting, and you are right on track.

#3. Spider Sex Position

Spider position is also known as a crab walk style. Here you both need to lean back with your ass off the bed and take the support of your hands and elbows to hold your position. Ask your lady love to bring close with her pelvis on top of your while you push yourself in. It is a sensual position where you both can move to and fro and enjoy your sexual desires.

As the whole body weighs on either hand, it tires you for sure, but at the heat of the moment, you are going to neglect it for sure. Movements are controlled by both of you so if one tires, another one can take control of thrusting in and out. Spider is the most unusual position which every couple hesitates to try but believe it or not, and it is going to drive you crazily towards orgasm.

#4. Snow Angel

This position is just the improvised version of your favorite missionary position. It is just the upside-down version of it. Let your girl lie on her back, and you turn away from her and straddle her. She will then lift her legs and pelvic to make an arc possible for you to enter form there while you thrust her from this position she is grabbing your butt to support you to lift. It is a version of the missionary but is way naughtier than you could imagine.

It gives you access to play with her vagina, and she can also enjoy loving your erogenous zones. The position automatically grinds your pelvis with her clit giving it a sweet massage making the moment even sexier. It also demands excellent flexibility from your body as you are in a position where you might get a cramp on your back, but for the fun night, it is acceptable.

#5. Wheel Barrow

A Wheelbarrow is the improvised version of the doggy style, making it crazier and more amazing than before. Lift your girl from the dog position using her legs and let her do a handstand with your support from behind. Push yourself from this position while you stand and make her go crazy craving deeper penetration. Ask her to wrap her legs around your back to get extra support.

If you are a beginner, do not try this position as you might hurt yourself in the doing. A Wheelbarrow is also known as downward doggy style with deeper thrusts and more fun. You are most likely going to hit her G-spot. If you are not into workouts and do not have bigger arms, you might not hold this position for long. One thing is sure that you are going to love the experience irrespective of how long you can last.

These are the five craziest and unusual sex positions which every couple fears to try on but is worth it for a crazy ride to orgasm. If you haven’t tried one yet and are still sticking for missionary or doggy style, then change your rules and habits. These positions are way beyond everyone’s league, but practice makes perfect, and you can take a step ahead for satisfying the special lady of your life. Next time you plan your sex night, execute your wildest fantasies with these positions.

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