Top 15 Most Important Dating Tips for Men

Most of Men dating girls fail to come up with thoughtful ideas. They lack the dressing sense and also few of the general etiquette towards a woman. It is not their fault as they are not used to showing love and gratitude to anyone except their parents and friends. Some men whereas try to come up with dating tips but fail miserably. Girls on the other hand do not complain but understands the effort of her man. It is the duty of all men to make their special ones feel super special during the date evenings. Here are 15 amazing dating tips for men which you must follow in order to amaze your girl in your next date.

1. Be a gentleman

If it is your first time, do not use the chat and email mediums to call your girl to the date venue. Be a true gentleman, call her and ask her to be there or you can also go and pick her up from her house. Dating helps you know each other personally, and communicating over chat is impersonal as she notices everything.

2. Take small leaps

Girls mostly fear to be friends with people whom they meet online. So give her time to know you better through audio and video calls and chats. She will provide you with an indication when she is ready to go out for a date with you. Your patience and understanding of nature will impress your lady love for sure.

3. Men must initiate

It is a possibility that you already have the venue and time in your mind before approaching the girl for the date. Do not ask for her suggestion as it is for sure that she wants you to plan. Be confident and keep your opinion on the table and see if she accepts your recommendation. There is a high chance she will.

4. Arrange the first date in a public

If it is your first date, it is your duty to make her feel safe with you. She trusts you, but the hesitation of meeting a new person inside her is genuine and understandable. She will notice your efforts for sure as you are taking all responsibility to make her feel safe. First dates are to know each other better to plan your future together, so go accordingly.

5. Select a place that you know

Most of the time, girls expect their men to plan the date venue, time, and place. It is better if you plan your date on to a familiar place that would make her feel more comfortable. A usual place is going to let you open up more comfortably.

6. Make calls to ask her whereabouts

Do not panic if she makes you wait a little more time. She is testing your patience for sure, and also girls are mostly late. Call her at intervals to check on her whereabouts. Ask her where she is and how far she has reached. Your girl is going to love the care you show to her.

7. Work on your grooming

It is one of the essential dating tips. Do not dress up like anything and come to date. You are going to be judged on behalf of your looks on your date, so make it count. Cross-check your nails, hairs, beard, body odor, and finally clothes. Wear proper ironed clothes as the way you dress up is going to make her feel the importance you carry of her. Keep aside all your funky accessories that do not go with your dress.

8. Carry your confidence

The way you walk, enter the venue, and take a glance at your girl defines your confidence. Imagine the scene as you are walking scared to the venue and feeling shy to initiate a ‘Hello.’ You are going to lose the moment for sure. Carry your confidence to create an impactful first impression. You might be a good looking guy, but without confidence, you cannot win the affection of your girl.

9. Be a mannerly person

Show some good manners to her, such as opening the door of the restaurant or pulling the chair for her. These old school manners put good thoughts about you in their mind. Give her all the space and time to understand you better in all aspects. Do not rush into things quickly; give it time, and things shall fall into your favor accordingly.

10. Put your phone on silent

Do it beforehand as you will not want the phone to go off during a fascinating conversation or a dance. It is better to keep aside all forms of distraction when you are on a mission to impress your lady love. If she is aware that you have turned the phone silent to avoid distractions, she is going to appreciate it for sure.

11. Be sarcastic if you can

Girls are fond of funny guys. Most men try and talk practical things about life, which will hold the mood for some time but eventually either of you will get bored. Crack some jokes in the middle to make the session enjoyable. It will help you both to stay in the mood without any diversion.

12. Do not talk about previous relationships

Most men make this mistake by asking the girl about the past. They do not like that! When you do that you set things off for you. Avoid such questions, and if the topic comes up, then try and finish it with short answers. Commit to her that you wish to know her to know and not based on what was in the past.

13. Give genuine complements

She has possibly given her entire day to get ready for the date, so you must compliment her. Mean those complements as they must not seem bookish. Complement her dress, her shoes, and her looks.

14. Do not share your stress

As it is your first date, do not bring out all the stress you carry. Do not discuss about your family issues or your job issues. It will divert the mood from romantic to serious.

15. Work on your present, future will follow

When you lack confidence, you go into grieve thinking if she would respond positively or not. It usually breaks your confidence even more. It is better to make things go well today and if it goes well then make plans for your future dates.

These are 15 dating tips for men to make them act like a gentleman with their date-partners. Most men dating their girls must follow all of the above tips to build a strong impression.

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