Top 8 Sex Positions Can Satisfy Her Deeper

Sex is a mutual emotional feeling which a couple of shares to improve their bonding and understanding amongst each other. Moreover, it is also the satisfaction of sexual desires which is biologically meaningful. For men, it is easy to achieve orgasm and desired satisfaction, but it is not the same for your lady love.

There are many things beyond emotions which you need to look after for making your girl go crazy in bed. One aspect of perfect sex is sex positions. Mostly men are too lazy to perform surprise and just go on with the regular missionary and end up things fast. This trick works, but not always. Your girl might lose interest soon if you are just in the intention of sex without making it enjoyable.

Here are few creative sex positions which are interesting to try on and will make her happy inside out.

#1. Corkscrew

Make your lady love lie down on the bed by facing sideways. You need to stand down on the floor near the edge of the bed facing her back. Rest your things on her hips and ask her to keep her thighs closed. Get inside her while you are standing at her back, straddle her from there, and you might make her feel the sweet pain while you are thrusting in. The legs of your lady love held together to allow you to go rough during intercourse and results in tight resisting sex, which is hot. If you are doing it right, your girl is going to enjoy and join you by thrusting her hips in the motion.

#2. Face-off

It is one of the most romantic sex positions ever, which allows a couple for incredibly intimate interaction. You must sit at the edge of a bed or a chair, making your partner sit on the top of you on your laps. You will get inside of her from this position and allow her to bounce on you.

This sex position keeps either of your hands, free to cuddle and wander around each other’s erogenous regions. Fondle with her breasts during the intercourse to make her feel the love and joy altogether. Your ladylove takes the control here as she is the boss of giving thrusts and jerks. Being seated makes it comfortable for either of you to go for long-duration sex.

#3. Doggy-Style

Doggy-style is one of the traditional positions of sex. Though it is ubiquitous, still it is one of the sexiest positions ever discovered. It can take your lady love on a joy ride to orgasm. You need to make your girl lie on the bed with her legs and hands while her hips and back are above the bed. You must kneel behind her to get access to her vagina and get inside her from the spot. Doggy-style allows you to go deeper into her hitting the G-spot that is going to make her crazy for the time being, and she is undoubtedly going to return you the favor.

#4. Pretzel-Dip

Here, let your ladylove lie down on the floor on her back while you can go above her by straddling her left leg between your arms and hold the right leg down with her left knees. You must enter into her from this position as this position will allow you for deep penetration. Keep your eye contact intact with your lady love to see her expressions while you thrust in. You will know if she is enjoying it. It is a physically restricting position which allows you to go beyond your comfort zone and adds more fun to your sexual activity. Make sure you rub her clitoris during the intercourse session as she would love it.

#5. Flatiron

Flatiron is another physically restricting position which can be achieved with a little amount of body flexibility. You need to make your partner lie down with her face down towards the bed and by lifting her hips slightly up from the bed. Your job is to wrap her up entirely with your body from head to toe while you can get inside of her from this position.

Set yourself up first and then get the job done. The position of your partner will allow you to make a rough entry with your penis, which will give a tight feeling adding more fun to the sexual intercourse session. Bring in some sex toys for turning her on and prepare her for rough sex.

#6. G-Whiz

G-Whiz is one of the easiest yet romantic sex positions ever discovered. Make your lady love rest and lie down on her back with her legs on either of your shoulders. Pull her close to make her sit on your laps while you are on your knees. Get inside her from this position to hit her G-spot in a right way.

When her legs are lifted upwards, it will narrow the entrance of the vagina, which makes your penis go hard into her. A rough entry can hit the G-spot in the most appropriate way, making her moan out of love. Try to move up and down to add more motion to the intercourse to stay in touch with her G-spot.

#7. Cowgirl

Both men and women love to take control during sex. If you are in an intention to please her, then let her take the control entirely for the day. Bring in some sex toys to prepare her for an awesome night. Soon after the foreplay, when she is turned on, give the control to her and lie down on the bed on your back.

Ask her to come above you while she is on her knees widespread across your hips. Let her thrust in and bounce on you to increase the fun. Lie down and see her enjoying the cowgirl pleasure in her expressions. Support her by slightly lifting your hips above the bed to match the tempo.

#8. Wheelbarrow

Get your lady love down on the bed with her hands and feet and pick her up from her thighs in a comfortable position. You need to have some arms strength for it which the moment will eventually give you. Get inside from this position while it will give deep penetration and an exciting ride to orgasm for both of you.

These are few of the sex positions that can add fun and make your lady love go crazy in bed. Bring in some sex toys to help her play with it and get ready for the bigger surprise.

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