Will Sleeping with Ex-Girlfriend help to Win Her Back?

Before the answer of this title question, another question pops up pretty obviously is, how do you think the same girl will agree to sleep with you? Is it because she has gone hysteric or compulsive about sleeping with you? Or, it’s the emotional attachment that she can’t just forget you. The answer to these two questions should be figured out, and are more important. Once these answers are got, the answer to title question can be automatically got or simply get irrelevant. Let’s analyse the questions here driven from the one on the title to find the answer.

First of all, how do you think you will be able to ‘sleep’ ’again’ straightaway with her?

She is your ex-girlfriend means she was your girlfriend once. Did you sleep with her then? If yes, was it out of genuine emotion or simply being the victim of hormones. If the first one is the case (out of genuine emotion), then more than sex, you need counselling. If the second one (hormonal) is the case, then you better should not call it a relationship. If she slept with you being attracted towards you hormonally, the chances are less (to so-called ‘get back’).

She wanted to taste you, and she got that. You should rather don’t utter the things like getting her back and all. May be, some years later, if her hysteria towards you makes a comeback (humans have tendencies to get nostalgic about the past and wish the same), then there is a chance. If this is what you mean about getting her “back,” then as explained, the chances are pretty less! However, in general, getting back is supposed not about her body. Hence, it is better to dig into the base of your relationship and then decide.

Why did you break (is it because you didn’t sleep), and why even you want to get her back?

Wait, why are you now thinking about sleeping with ex-girlfriend? Did she break because you didn’t sleep with her? If that’s the case, it’s indeed unfortunate. However, as you have still made the mind to get her back (knowing the reason for your break-up is sex), you can simply convince her that you are now ready. If she would have any emotion for you, she would give you a chance. There are Foreplay tips to make her Crazy in the Bed.

The other case, if the reason for your break-up is not sex, but any other aspect, then you should not at least think about having sex. Rather, you should contemplate whether you loved her or were attracted towards her body (as you now think having sex is the way to get her back). Again, if it was all about her body, you should not talk to her your ex-girlfriend; you were never her boyfriend. You should first think and decide whether you can commit about an enduring relationship or building a family. Similar would be the case if you both were sexually attracted. No matter how open-minded people get, trust was, is, and will always be the prominent factor behind building up of a relationship.

Change your Perception About Sex:

Irrespective of your relationship status, the level of bondage, or the reason behind break-up, if you are at present thinking that sleeping with your ex-girlfriend is the solution, you surely are having some kind of prejudice or misconception regarding sex. In the end, sex is all about hormonal. It is a need of the body, and no one is putting it under the carpet. But, it should not be a compulsion. The hysteric tendencies or the tendencies of perversion are nothing about the misconceptions regarding sex. When someone only sees sex in a woman, or the only thing that comes into his mind regarding a woman is ‘sex,’ then it is called a pure case of perversion. One should think why sleeping with another woman/man hurts so much to the other. Enjoy with Your Own Girl With some sexual important tips to Make it more Romantic.

If the relationship was all about bodily thing, this should not have been the case. Getting her back by sleeping with her is indeed not a solution. It is a misconception that is creating illusions and making you unable to see where the real problem is. As said above, if she had any emotion for you, she would have never left you simply because you didn’t sleep (or you couldn’t) with her. And, only if you deliberately didn’t want to sleep with her (for some reason), only then by sleeping with her you can get her back. However, such things are simply the flukes; the girl might have a misconception regarding sex then.  Remember, is the foremost aspect based on which every relationship is established. There are Plenty of techniques to make fun in your Love Life.

  ‘Sex’ is not a Problem Avoiding Tool:

It is also a possibility that you think by sleeping with her, you could make her ignore the other negativity or lacks in you, and thus get her back. This is also a sheer case of stupidity. Again, this is also a case of not understanding what exactly ‘intimacy’ or having sex is about. Upon getting at the very basic level of pleasure behind ‘intimacy,’ it can be understood that the only productive relevance is that it makes the child making the process interesting. If sex were not interesting, maybe, no one would have to get attracted towards it. And, it’s only and only the hormone, that gives this pleasure. At 80, when your hormone is gone, no beautiful body but a beautiful relationship can provide you the accomplishment.

Hence, if you think you could deceive her through your body or sex making ability, then it may work for the moment, but never on a longer run. Rather, the issue would come back in an even disastrous way.  It is therefore advised that any kind of reason if there is behind your break-up, you should approach it about addressing in a much practical way. If it is emotional, you should counsel and talk. But sex certainly is not the way.

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